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Hints and Tips on Selecting Lingerie Styles
Which kinds will best flatter your figure

Let's first examine the most common lingerie there is: the bra and panty combination. Worn by most every woman most every day under her outer clothes. The bra and panty combo offer support, coverage and comfort on a daily basis without ever even being seen. Once the clothes come off, however, they may or may not be your best choice for looking sexy.

The Bra and Panty
Things to consider. Your stomach is uncovered. Sexy for some. Maybe not so much for others. Good lift on the breasts provided you opt for underwire. Accentuated cleavage. Most lingerie panties are either thong or g-string. Your rear is going to be featured. This can be hot. Consider your own best features and decide if it works for you. Thighs are also totally out in the open. It'll make you look taller and make your legs to longer to be able to see all of them. Again, do the benefits exceed any imperfections you may want to conceal?

Babydolls are great for a lot of different body types. The flowing, fluttering skirt that hangs off the bra area is ideal coverage for masking minor belly flab and will offer some additional concealment for the crotch and the uppermost area of the thighs on most women. Read the description of each babydoll carefully. Many have soft cups; no underwire. Depedning on the size your breasts,you'll need to decide if that matters. We do have babydolls with underwire bras as well, but they are not as common. Though the front design of the babydoll is cunningly designed to make you look hot while digusing minor flaws in the front, most feature an open back. Your tush will still be out there. If that's what you want, great. Maybe your rear is your best asset.

Bustiers and Corsets
The great thing about these two pieces of lingerie is that they are multi-functional. They can serve as sexy bedroom lingerie one minute and hot outerwear the next. You also have your choice of going strapless or not. Many bustiers and corsets have removable shoulder straps. Many more come in styles with and without the straps. Both almost always feature supportive underwire cups, often with a lightly padded, push-up effect for extra bosom enhancement. This makes them unique in that they are ideal for both large breasted and small-chested women. For those on the bigger side they offer great support and shaping capabilities. For the smaller, they have lift and push to give the illusion of more.Both bustiers and corsets also offer slimming in the tummy and hips. Corsets moreso because of their cinching lace ups and figure enhancing boning.

Chemise and Mini Dresses
The terms chemise and mini dress are often used interchangeably when describing similar slip dress styles of lingerie. There really is no difference. Chemise is the term that was coined to describe a piece of lingerie that had the safe style and fit as a mini dress. Mini dress originally being reserved for outer clothes, while chemise implied something sheer and meant to be worn as an undergarment. Today, however, many manufacturer's use the term mini dress to name their chemises for the sake of universality. Chemises and mini dresses come in both see through and opaque fabrics, with and without underwire cups. They are usually garterless. They are probably best when you're uncomfortable showing off much of yourself. They come in so many types it's diffictult give a broad answer. There are loose fitting styles which will offer a lot of concealment. There are also many form-fitting ones that will cover skin blemishes and the like, while highlighting the shape and form of your natural figure. Unlike their cousins, the babydoll most chemises and mini dress offer rear coverage. So that's something to consider as well.

Teddies are unique to other styles of lingerie in that they wrap around the crotch area. They can and often have splits or openings to allow access, but the design is still quite different to most others. Teddies don't offer too much in the way of disguising flaws. If you're confident with your body though, they can be quite flattering.They usaully feature elongated leg openings that rise high above the hips. This makes your long legs look even longer. Teddies usually are open in the back with a strap or two to keep everything in place and a thong style bottom.

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